Using the MSO Model to Set Up IV Hydration Clinics

Hi, our next scenario here is a client who has an IV Hydration clinic, these are very popular, we’re seeing more and more every day.

So, in the IV Hydration clinic, the MSO model is, again, very powerful because – probably if you’re watching this video, you’re not just a doctor looking to sign on to IV Hydration clinic, although we represent these kinds of clients as well.

But you, typically the business owner, the entrepreneur, and you’re wondering how to put this together – you’ve got a meeting, a sit-down, a coffee, a lunch with a medical director, you hope next week, and you want to know what terms are going to be.

So, that’s where the MSO model is very powerful concept because instead of hiring a medical director (all they can do is direct clinicians), you’re the businessperson. So, you’re likely going to have an MSO, the MSO agreement between you, the business arm, and the clinical side so that you can agree on: they do clinical, you don’t.

You’re not fee-splitting, you’re not practicing medicine unlawfully, but you are a very strong brand, and you’re bringing in everything that the business needs to operate except the clinical.

And there’s some bullet points under there, like: Who gets to terminate? Under what conditions? Who indemnifies whom for what? Who pays for the liability insurance? And so on.

And these are all things that you want to consult with an MSO attorney about so that whether you’re the physician or the business owner, you get the better part of the deal because these are not just template agreements you would whip off the web. Before you know it, you have dispute, and who knows what you’ve agreed to.

These are things where you want counseling on the very important business points and the legal language it’s crafted so that if you get into trouble – you know what you’ve signed and you’ve been thoughtful about it so hopefully you’ve got an advantage.

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